Founded by individuals experienced in material sciences technologies, building construction applications, product engineering and strategic business development, Dominus Innovations was established to provide innovative, best-in-class, specialty products, technologies and solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

In a world where application requirements, material sciences and technological advancements are changing at exponential rates, it is difficult for any one company to garner and retain the diverse required resources to maintain product leadership at all times. Lean, unencumbered, entrepreneurial organizations are constantly challenging the viability of existing technologies and outdated products, with new innovative ideas, improved customer driven solutions, and more cost effective means of bringing these innovations to market. With that in mind, Dominus Innovations was created as an innovations platform company where new product ideas (sourced both within and from the outside) are brought to market through a stringent formal product management process and in collaboration with industry leading engineering and product development resources, Dominus, turns these kernels of intellectual property into successful market driven solutions. By partnering with the best technology specific engineering skills and manufacturing expertise for each product innovation, the Dominus organization is able to take advantage of an unlimited cadre of professional resources to bring products to market in a timely, application tested and cost effective manner.


With management’s experience in the construction building industry, and with professional backgrounds in material sciences technologies and product engineering, the Company’s initial focus is on products and solutions that address:

  • Construction material deficiencies
  • Specialty sealants and adhesives
  • Building envelope protection applications
  • Underwater sealant requirements


At Dominus, our philosophy of, “Improving The Future Through Innovation.” is made possible through the commitment of our people and the strength of our partners.