Gerry Chastelet – Chairman / President / CEO

Chastelet is an experienced senior executive, who has developed multiple fully integrated businesses. He is the former Chairman / CEO of two successful publicly traded companies. Chastelet has an engineering background and has been involved in the technology industry for over 30 years. With expertise in both large and small business operations, marketing, strategic planning and corporate governance, Chastelet has served on the Board of Directors of five NASDAQ companies.

George Matz – Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Matz is a proven Sales and Marketing executive who has built and implemented numerous US and International distribution channels. His career and expertise span several disciplines, including; sales, sales training, product management, advertising/promotion and sales & marketing management. Most recently, Matz was directly responsible for increasing annual revenues of an early stage technology company from $6M to over $100M in less than 3 years.

Ezio Fabrizi – Executive Vice President, Research & Development

Fabrizi is a leading industry expert in building material sciences and technologies. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Building Construction Sciences, and as an experienced Licensed General Contractor, he specializes in coastal construction and waterproofing. Fabrizi works closely with builders, product manufacturers and suppliers to evaluate and develop new and innovative products and systems for construction applications.