Dominus Innovations Announces BEP Perma Seal Liquid Liner

Shower & Floor Liquid Applied Membrane System

Tampa, FL – January 8, 2014: Dominus Innovations, manufacturer of BEP Blue Barrier liquid applied air and moisture building envelope protection systems, today announced the addition of a new line of advanced sealant technology products labeled BEP Perma Seal.

The new line, featuring an easy to use, liquid applied family of products, is designed for improved productivity and quality in roofing and gutter applications, shower and floor waterproofing membrane installations, and a host of Do It Yourself sealant applications. Like other BEP products, the new line can be applied to both wet and dry surface conditions.

The first product in the Perma Seal line is a liquid applied membrane system specifically designed for shower pan and shower wall installations. The distinctive orange colored BEP Perma Seal Liquid Liner is a single part, roller/ brush applied membrane system that completely waterproofs shower floors, shower walls and other substrates that may be subject to unwanted water intrusion (i.e. floors in bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens). Perma Seal Liquid Liner is directly applied to the core construction substrate (wood, concrete or drywall) and can be adhered to by a wide range of architectural finishes (i.e. tile, flooring, poured cement, etc.) without the need for additional primers. Designed specifically to replace rubber shower pan membrane liners, which are often difficult to install in uniquely shaped showers, BEP Perma Seal Liquid Liner creates a fully adhered membrane liner without the use of screws, nails, tapes or specialty bonding agents.

Gerry Chastelet, Dominus Innovations CEO, said, “Perma Seal Liquid Liner has been specifically formulated for shower and floor waterproofing applications. With the same strength and flexibility characteristics of our other BEP products, Liquid Liner makes it easier than ever to create seamless, liquid applied shower pan membranes that adhere not only to all floor and wall substrates, but also to PVC, copper and stainless steel plumbing rough-in components. When installed as directed, the liquid applied membrane system provides a uniform, custom fit liner that fills all irregularities and corners of the substrate surface area, and this fully adhered pan system avoids the potential for rips and tears often associated with non-adhered rubber liners.”

BEP Perma Seal Liquid Liner will be sold in 2 gallon and 5 gallon pails. First customer shipments will begin in February 2014.

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