Dominus Innovations Introduces BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap – Airless Sprayer Applied Air and Moisture Barrier –

Tampa, FL – July 2, 2012:  Dominus Innovations, a provider of specialty building and marine construction application products today announced the introduction of BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap. BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap is the industry’s first airless sprayer applied STPE * air and moisture barrier for total building envelope protection. With exceptional adhesion, energy efficiency and permeability, this sprayable extreme weather air and moisture barrier is ideally suited for commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Developed from the same industry leading technology as other BEP Blue Barrier products, spray applied Liquid Wrap provides contractors with significant productivity gains in the application of a seamless air and moisture barrier over multiple substrates in either wet or dry surface conditions.

Dominus CEO, Gerry Chastelet, said,” BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap provides building owners and contractors the recognized reliability and performance benefits of enhanced air tightness and superior resistance to water penetration associated with seamless building envelope membranes.  At the same time, the ability to apply BEP Blue Barrier with low cost airless spray equipment greatly reduces the time, labor and expense associated with building wrap installation.”

BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap is part of a total air, moisture and mold building envelope protection system offered by BEP. Other products in the Blue Barrier family include BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing and BEP Blue Barrier Joint Filler.

Chastelet added,” We believe this easy to apply, sprayable, weather resistant liquid wrap will not only have a dramatic effect on improving the quality of envelope protection of large scale projects, but also on smaller applications where long term protection against the effects of air, moisture and mold are equally important.”

First customer shipments of BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap are scheduled for August 2012.

For more information on BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap, and other BEP products contact the Dominus Innovations Sales & Marketing Department at 813-279-1902 or visit the BEP website at:


STPE*- Silyl-Terminated-Poly-Ether, is a single component, solids based material that combines the best of silicone and polyurethane properties. All BEP products are produced from Dominus proprietary Modified Silyl-Terminated-Poly-Ether Technology.


Dominus Innovations, BEP, and BEP Blue Barrier are Dominus Innovations Trademarks. BEP Blue Barrier products are the exclusive brand of Dominus Innovations. Dominus Innovations provides specialty products, technologies and solutions for building and marine construction applications. From advanced construction materials to innovative application tools, the Dominus Innovations Company is committed to Improving The Future Through Innovation