Dominus Innovations Introduces Marine Specialty Coatings (MSC) Product Line

Tampa, FL – May 28, 2012:  Dominus Innovations, a leading provider of specialty products for home and industry, today announced the introduction of its Marine Specialty Coatings (MSC) product line. Specially formulated for the marine industry, the MSC product family is designed to be used underwater in both fresh and salt water environments.  The Dominus Marine Specialty Coatings product line brings to market a single stage family of adhesives, fillers, sealants and coatings that can be used to protect wood, concrete and metals from long term underwater deterioration.

In making the announcement, Dominus CEO, Gerry Chastelet said; “With the introduction of our MSC specialty underwater single stage product technology into the marine construction market, marine contractors no longer have to deal with the cumbersome task of mixing and working with multi-part products. The new MSC product line provides a high quality, cost effective and easy to use solution for sealing and protecting structures above and below the water line and at the highly corrosive splash zone.”

The first MSC product to be released, Aqua Guard Sea Weld 3100, will be available in June 2012. This single part marine grade adhesive/filler which can be applied in both fresh and salt underwater conditions is available in 20 oz. caulk tubes and custom bulk packaging.

For more information on MSC, contact the Dominus Innovations Marketing Department at 813-279-1902 or visit the Dominus Innovations website at:


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