Dominus Innovations Launches BEP Blue Barrier in New Zealand and Australia

Tampa, FL – June 23, 2013 Dominus Innovations manufacturers of BEP Blue Barrier, a liquid applied air and moisture building envelope protection system, today announced the launch of the BEP Blue Barrier family of products in New Zealand and Australia. ABEP Ltd. (Australasian Building Envelope Protection, Ltd.), distributors for BEP Blue Barrier in the region, unveiled the industry leading air and moisture protection system at the 2013 BuildNZ / Designex Show in Auckland on June 23rd.

Tim Gregory-Hunt, President of ABEP Ltd. said, “We have been looking for a product like Blue Barrier for the Australasian market for some time. When we first started testing the products in 2012 we were amazed at the physical characteristics of the technology and recognized the role that these products could play in both new construction and the retro market throughout the region. The repair costs associated with the infiltration of unwanted moisture and mold into building structures in this country has resulted in retro costs of record proportions. BEP Blue Barrier will not only play a significant role in the cost effective repair of existing building structures, but the use of the BEP Blue Barrier system in new construction will improve overall building energy efficiency as well as protect the building envelope against unwanted air, moisture and mold.”

BEP Blue Barrier is a thin mil, liquid applied, breathable weather barrier system available in a complete family of products for total wall and building envelope protection and for window and door installations. The BEP line consists of Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing, Blue Barrier Joint Filler, spray applied Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap and a roller grade Blue Barrier Flash ‘N Wrap RG.

Gerry Chastelet, CEO of Dominus Innovations commented, “We are excited about launching BEP Blue Barrier in Australasia and partnering with ABEP Ltd. as our representatives for the region. The climatic conditions facing the New Zealand and Australian building trades make this an ideal market for the BEP advanced technology. The easy to apply, Blue Barrier air and moisture barrier system is specifically designed for application to a wide range of substrates, and the superior shore hardness of the product makes it an ideal window and door installation weatherization solution.”

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Australasian Building Envelope Protection Ltd. (ABEP Ltd.) provides a complete line of specialty floor, roof, window and door installation sealants and total building envelope protection products for the New Zealand and Australia markets. For more information visit the Company’s websites at: and

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