Dominus Innovations Launches Building Envelope Protection (BEP) Product Line

Tampa, FL – January 24, 2012:   Dominus Innovations, a leading provider of specialty products for home and industry, today announced the introduction of its BEP (Building Envelope Protection) product line. Engineered specifically for the building industry, BEP is the first waterproofing/sealant product that can be applied over wet and dry surface conditions.

Dominus CEO, Gerry Chastelet commented; “We are excited about the revolutionary new technology behind BEP. The adhesion and curing characteristics of this product line in both wet and dry conditions as well as the products’ overall application performance specifications will have a dramatic effect on contractor productivity and profitability.” George Matz, Dominus EVP of Sales and Marketing added: “The BEP line of products was specifically designed to address the ongoing problems associated with water intrusion and mold growth in buildings and residential structures. In some cases these problems have led to long term personal health issues and major litigation for contracting firms.”

The initial Building Envelope Protection (BEP) product line includes: BEP Liquid Flashing, BEP Joint Filler, and BEP Liquid Wrap. First customer shipments of BEP are scheduled for March 2012.

For more information on BEP, contact the Dominus Innovations Marketing Department at 813-279-1902 or visit the Dominus Innovations website at:


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