Dominus Innovations Moves Into The Caribbean Market

Tampa, FL – February 18, 2014: Dominus Innovations manufacturers of BEP Blue Barrier, an industry leading liquid applied air and moisture building envelope protection technology and BEP Perma Seal a specialty line of advanced sealants and adhesives, today announced that it had signed a distribution agreement with TES International Inc. to distribute its complete line of products throughout the Caribbean.

Under the terms of the agreement TES International Inc. will have the distribution rights for all Dominus brands including BEP Blue Barrier, BEP Perma Seal and MSC Aqua Guard for the region.

TES International Inc. is owned by Tony Reyes a former AkzoNobel/PPG/Glidden executive from Puerto Rico. Mr. Reyes is responsible for much of the growth and market acceptance of new coatings products in the region over the last 20 years and has a long standing relationship with the building and construction industry in the Caribbean.

As the newest Dominus distribution partner, Tony had this to say about the Dominus product line, “I have been in the coatings industry my entire career and from my point of view, the Dominus technology is truly unique. The capabilities of these products are like no other, and really lend themselves to the moist climatic conditions of our Caribbean market. Based on my discussions with both contractors and architects in the region and my assessment of this technology, I believe that the BEP and Perma Seal lines have a definite role in our building practices.”

Dominus Innovations through its BEP Blue Barrier, Perma Seal and MSC Aqua Guard brands offers a complete line of advanced air and moisture barrier protection products for leak resistant window and door installations and total building envelope protection as well as specialty coatings for roofing and underwater applications.

Gerry Chastelet, President and CEO of Dominus Innovations commented, “We are delighted to have Mr. Reyes as our partner in the region. Tony is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to coatings technologies and has a proven track record of success in introducing and marketing products that are well suited to the Caribbean region. With his industry experience, I see Tony as more than just a distribution partner for Dominus. Going forward, I expect he will play an important role in working closely with our company to identify additional products required to solve customer problems and address the specialty sealant and adhesive needs in the building and marine construction industry.”

Dominus Innovations is a leading provider of specialty products, technologies and solutions for the building and marine construction industry. For more information visit the Company’s websites at: , and

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