London Bay Homes Selects BEP Blue Barrier Air and Moisture Barrier System for Luxury Home Construction

Tampa, FL – November 29, 2012:  Dominus Innovations, a provider of specialty building and marine construction products today announced that London Bay Homes (LBH), one of Southwest Florida’s leading builders of custom luxury homes has chosen BEP Blue Barrier as its preferred air and moisture barrier technology.

In a market where moisture and humidity are constant factors affecting the building envelope, London Bay in its continuing efforts to build the best quality, trouble free homes in this premium market has adopted the BEP Blue Barrier Air and Moisture Barrier System as a standard offering for all of its residential construction. BEP Blue Barrier, an industry leading liquid applied air and moisture barrier system creates a seamless, durable membrane over all applied building substrates to prevent air & moisture intrusion and associated mold growth.

Traditionally liquid applied weather barrier technologies have been reserved for commercial and industrial applications, however London Bay Homes in its ongoing efforts to lead the industry in a climatic region where moisture affected material deterioration and mold growth have been historic problems, has taken an industry leading position to adopt commercial building products and practices in their residential market.

Mark Wilson, President of London Bay Homes said: “We want to provide our customers with the peace of mind that our luxury homes will give them many years of enjoyment and trouble free living. Standardizing on this liquid applied commercial building envelope protection technology for our residential construction makes perfect sense in our Florida market.”

BEP Blue Barrier is a liquid applied, breathable weather barrier system available in a complete family of products for total wall and building envelope protection and for window and door installations.

Mark went on to say: ‘The ease of use for our applicators and the fact that Blue Barrier is a single part system, designed for application in wet and dry working conditions made it a logical choice for our business.”

About London Bay Homes: Since 1990, London Bay Homes has designed and built many of Southwest Florida’s finest luxury homes. The company’s “Private Label Living” building designs deliver true luxury of a tailored fit for every unique client’s home. For more information visit the London Bay Homes website at:

About Dominus Innovations and BEP Blue Barrier:  Dominus Innovations is a leading provider of specialty products, technologies and solutions for the building and marine construction industry.

BEP Blue Barrier is manufactured by Dominus Innovations. For more information visit Dominus Innovations at: and BEP Blue Barrier at: