Missouri Architectural Firm Selects BEP Blue Barrier For New Headquarters Facility

Tampa, FL – January 9, 2013: Dominus Innovations, a provider of specialty building construction products today announced that the company’s BEP Blue Barrier building envelope protection system had been selected by Schaub & Srote, a Missouri based architectural firm as the air and moisture barrier technology for their new headquarters facility. Located in the St. Louis, Missouri area, the new headquarters building will be completed in the first quarter of 2013.
Schaub & Srote chose BEP Blue Barrier over a number of other moisture barrier products because of its seamless membrane, total building envelope protection characteristics.

“As architects we are very concerned about the adverse effects of unwanted air and moisture penetration in building structures,” said David Schaub one of the firm’s principals. “In today’s building construction designs, we not only have to protect against unwanted moisture penetration but also ensure that structures are built as energy efficient as possible. In our opinion, the BEP Blue Barrier liquid applied system, with its permeable total building seamless membrane application, provides the best available building envelope protection on the market”.

The Schaub & Srote building air and moisture application was completed in early December, using BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing and BEP Blue Barrier Joint Filler for all window and door installations. BEP Blue Barrier Liquid Wrap was applied to the all external wall substrate surfaces.

About Schaub & Srote: Founded in 1992, Schaub & Srote is a highly regarded architectural firm with expertise in the design of exclusive, high-end custom residential estate homes, multi-family developments, planned communities and light commercial design projects. For more information visit Schaub & Srote at: www.schaubsrote.com

About Dominus Innovations and BEP Blue Barrier: Dominus Innovations is a leading provider of specialty products, technologies and solutions for the building and the marine construction industry. BEP Blue Barrier is manufactured by Dominus Innovations. For more information visit Dominus Innovations at: www.dominusinnovations.com and BEP Blue Barrier at: www.BEPproducts.com