As an innovation driven company, our focus is on:

Quality Products

Through close collaboration with industry leading research and development organizations and world class manufacturing partners, Dominus is able to utilize the best possible resources for each of its product innovations. From initial product development, to in-depth product testing and manufacturing quality control and by carefully selecting proven industry leading partners, the Dominus approach guarantees our customers the highest quality products.


Technology Leadership

Technology is the life blood of innovation! At Dominus we are constantly evaluating the latest material sciences technologies in our quest to “improve the future through innovation.” As a platform independent innovations Company, we search the globe for the newest and best technologies to create more resilient products…. technologies that make products easier to use…. technologies that are environmentally friendly, and…technologies that improve personal productivity and safety.



Customer Solutions

The Dominus success is not based solely on product quality and technology leadership. We work hard to provide customers with complete application solutions. By creating robust, fully compatible product lines, we make it easier for customers to use our products in related applications. We believe compelling customer solutions are based on products that best address the requirements of the intended application, do so in a cost effective manner and are productive and profitable for the user.